Organisations in the UK are more open to hiring former employees, according to research by recruitment firm Robert Half UK


New research by Robert Half UK found that companies are becoming more receptive to the idea of rehiring former workers. According to Training Journal, the report found that 83% of HR executives said they are more accepting of boomerang employees now than they were three years ago. Additionally, only 7% said they are against rehiring former employees.  

The research also revealed that 36% of HRDs have rehired an employee successfully, while 25% said they have done the same but would not do it again.

The current ongoing skills shortages are playing a role in encouraging HRDs to consider former hires, particularly if they have developed their level of experience further. Robert Half UK’s study highlighted the most influential areas in having an employee rehired.  A successful track record (60%) was understandably the most important factor in these decisions, followed by their fit into the corporate culture (40%).

Phil Sheridan, senior managing director of Robert Half UK, commented: “Rehiring former employees back into the organisation can help to offset the current challenges companies face in the war for talent. This growing acceptance of boomerang employees emphasises the increasing fluidity of the job market. 

'Many firms see value and potential cost savings in allowing employees to expand their experience and skills set outside their organisation, leaving the door open for them to return at a later date.  

“In smaller enterprises especially, there sometimes isn’t the opportunity or scope for employees to expand their skills set. In these instances employers may benefit from allowing employees to leave and gain the experience they need for their career, with the added value of additional training, while keeping the door open for ‘alumni’ employees should a suitable role become available.”