In looking after day-to-day health needs of employees, employers may see a marked increase in engagement


It’s great that employers are tackling the big healthcare issues such as mental wellness – but what about the day-to-day needs of employees?

From helping your staff to quit smoking or lose weight to providing eyecare and dental care for them and their families, there are many 'small' measures that employers can put in place to support their staff.

Small, perhaps - but with a huge impact on employee engagement and motivation.

And in the case of both optical and dental, it's the routine check-up that can provide a diagnosis of a much more serious condition - and hopefully, early intervention and treatment.

Full eye screening and digital retinal photography can lead to the discovery of deeper health issues such as glaucoma, high cholesterol or diabetes, while dental check-ups can lead to the early diagnosis of certain forms of cancer.

This year's Reward Live will uncover what employers can put in place to look after staff on a daily basis and keep them well and in work.

This session will be taking place at 16.25 on Wednesday 10th May, at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham. To view the full programme, find out more, and register for your FREE place, CLICK HERE