Over half of employees get no Christmas reward


Over half (55%) of UK employees claim to never to have received any Christmas reward or gift from their company, while only 13% “sometimes” get one, according to research from Red Letter Days for Business.

The research also revealed that although 32% of staff receive a Christmas treat, the proportion of employees receiving festive rewards grow with each salary band, with highest paid employees the most likely to receive one.

Christmas reward or gifting can be linked to employee engagement – 40% of highly engaged staff receive a Christmas gift, while only 8% of those with very low engagement receive a gift.

While cash bonuses are highly popular, discount vouchers and gift cards are also strong choices for employers – being the favourite gift of 30% of employees.

Highly engaged staff are also more likely to say that their manager gives them a Christmas gift personally.

“It’s vital employers say thank you at the end of the year,” says Bill Alexander, CEO at Red Letter Days for Business. “You want your staff to leave for the festive break on a positive and motivated note. Gaining drive and momentum in January is hard for any business after a break of festivities, but end the year with your staff on an upbeat note and they’ll be more likely to return ready to achieve great things.”

“A thank you from an immediate boss or the CEO is one of the most rewarding things a company can do. Low engaged staff are never going to become more engaged if they’re ignored by management. Recognition is a key motivator – a simple, personal thank you should never be underestimated.”

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