Reward talks to an apprentice about his experiences in a scheme, and his advice for employers taking apprentices on


Having studied business at college, Joe Bree decided he wanted to pursue a career in a creative business role, but did not want to undertake further studies at university and was accepted as a marketing apprentice at allpay.

“I enjoy work, more than I do being in a classroom, so an apprenticeship offers the opportunity for me to work while learning,” he says. “Completing an apprenticeship means that I get to learn something I'm passionate about and actually practise it in a working environment. That is something a classroom could never offer me.”

The support of the apprenticeship has allowed Bree to learn professional skills and experiences quickly, while he has also been able to work with different departments at allpay – giving him a rounded career experience.

Bree is an advocate for companies treating their apprentices as proper employees. He says: “Being recognised for the work you put in is as rewarding as learning. I would also suggest that the offer of full-time employment after the apprenticeship has finished is something that makes the decision to stay on at a company easier. Job security was a large factor for me when looking for potential apprenticeships.”