Tech giant Amazon rolled out chopsticks across all the cafeterias in the office.


Amazon already offer some great benefits but unlike many tech companies, they don’t offer free lunches. According to Business Insider, staff must pay to eat in the cafeterias.

However, one thing employees at Amazon do have is a boss that really listens to his staff. Amazon have an “all-hands” meeting that is run twice a year in Seattle by the CEO, his executive team and employees. They also have a live Q&A session which allows staff to ask anything directly from the mic or anonymously. One anonymous employee asked a question about the kitchen utensils.  

“While we appreciate the Western utensils in the kitchen, are there plans to provide chopsticks? I think there is a sizable minority that would appreciate the chopsticks.”

Although this question was deferred to the executives, Amazon placed disposable chopsticks in every dining hall and kitchen within a week. However this comes late compared to other smaller companies such as Dropbox and Yahoo.

And this is not the first time that Amazon have done something like this. They also recently put ice machines in 'several of its buildings' after another anonymous employee made the request at the “all-hands” meeting.