Nearly half of UK employees claimed to be suffering ‘back to work blues’


As the Christmas holidays finished, nearly half (46%) of UK employees admitted that they were concerned about ‘back to work blues’ – with 13% saying they were ‘dreading’ the return to work, according to research from NOW: Pensions.

With nearly three quarters (72%) of the workforce taking time off over the festive period, staff suffering the January Blues are struggling to readjust to early starts (46%) and lack of free time (41%). Over a fifth (23%) of workers said that they find their job boring.

However, employee benefits play a key role in the retention of employees who might be dreading the return to the grind. Salary is the driving force for 29% of staff, as well as a generous holiday allowance and a good pension scheme.

Flexible working also remains popular – with one in ten employees saying that shorter working hours would improve their jobs.


Morten Nilsson, CEO of workplace pensions provider NOW: Pensions said: “As December turns to January and the tinsel comes off the Christmas tree, it’s natural to feel a bit blue about the prospect of returning to work.

“Apart from a lucky minority, for most people work is a chore rather than a passion but, for a happier workforce, things like generous holidays and good pensions can go a long way and shouldn’t be under-estimated.”