Following Arthur J. Gallagher's VIBs win, Tim Johnson, CEO spoke to Reward about what it meant to them


What does it mean to win Employee Benefits Consultant of the Year?

The Arthur J. Gallagher team are thrilled to have been recognised as ‘Employee Benefits Consultant of the Year’ at Reward Guide’s VIB Awards.

After a busy and exciting 6 years of exponential growth in the UK, this award means an awful lot to us and is a testament to our unwavering passion and dedication to our clients.  It’s thanks to our team’s innovation and hard work that we have the honour of receiving this title.

What makes Arthur J. Gallagher’s benefits consultancy approach different?

Our approach to consultancy is no-nonsense and focused on one objective: helping our clients overcome their barriers to success. That’s why our brand promise is ‘Business without Barriers™’.   We are passionately focused on achieving positive outcomes for employers and employees. 

In our experience, the best results are achieved by engaging all stakeholders right across an organisation – HR, Finance, Line Managers, Employees….  We don’t pretend that introducing an array of new products and technologies will magically solve clients’ employee engagement issues overnight.  We know this doesn’t happen.  Our approach starts from a purely strategic point of view, getting under the skin of what clients are seeking to achieve and what their real issues are. We work closely with Human Resources practitioners and employee groups to arrive at an objective and honest assessment of will and will not work for employer and employee alike.  From there, we develop a genuinely effective strategy to fix what isn’t working.

Our clients have the reassurance of knowing that the structure of our business is as no-nonsense as our approach to consulting: unlike many of our peers, Arthur J. Gallagher is not influenced by legacy.  We have no vested interests; we are genuinely agnostic and we do not have teams focussed on making money from legacy benefits such as DB pension schemes.  We are here to challenge the status quo.  Our goal is to achieve high engagement in our clients’ workforces - the people that can make or break their businesses. This flexibility allows us to implement robust and unencumbered benefit solutions that yield real returns on investment.

How do you help employers break the employee engagement barrier?

We are here to inspire the people behind the world’s leading businesses, so it goes without saying that our primary goal is to make a positive impact on the people who influence the bottom line. 

Our approach to employee engagement is integral to our benefit consultancy process from the moment we engage with a client.  We begin from the ground-up to develop a deep understanding of the culture, challenges and working practices in our clients.  Combining the breadth and depth of our benefit consultancy skillset with our team of engagement professionals at Gallagher SHILLING, we arrive at a strategic benefit and communication programme design based on the needs identified across the client’s organisation. 

HR is a fast-paced and changing environment. Time and time again we find employers disappointed that the latest ‘silver bullet’ solution to employee engagement hasn’t worked for them.  Why? Because one size doesn’t fit all.  Our approach doesn’t over-engineer solutions: it takes things back to basics and helps employers regain sight of their objectives.  From there, we develop benefits, brands and Employer Value Propositions that are genuine, creative and, above all, engaging!

What’s next for Arthur J. Gallagher?

This is an incredibly exciting time in our organisation’s history.   In the UK alone, Arthur J. Gallagher has grown tenfold in the last 6 years. 

We firmly believe we have the very best employee benefits consultants, wealth management advisers and communication practitioners in the industry.  Together we will continue to provide exemplary customer service and innovation in order to power our clients’ growth and success.

We can’t think of a better place to be with such an exciting future ahead of us….. and we’re just getting started!