Just half of Brits plan to celebrate Christmas at work as bosses have banned Christmas in the workplace

christmas party

A third of British bosses will be bringing Scrooge to work this year by banning Christmas festivities, according to new research carried out by Christmas Tree World. The survey asked Brits about their employers’ attitudes to Christmas festivities in the workplace and found that 1 in 3 employers will put a stop to all Christmas traditions this year.

The poll asked workers about the Christmas celebrations they are allowed to take part in and found that just a fifth will attend a work Christmas party or festive lunch with colleagues, while only 17% will listen to Christmas music in their workplace. Additionally, while 15% of businesses will have Christmas decorations in their workplace, just 9% of respondents will buy presents for their colleagues via Secret Santa and 5% will wear a Christmas jumper to work.

Although festive fun seems lacking in some workplaces, those who do embrace Christmas fun start their celebration early. The research found that three-quarters of those who are allowed Christmas tunes at work, usually turn them on as early as November, and 5% already had Christmas music playing by October.

The data also revealed the further north you go; the more festive workplaces are. Scottish bosses were most likely to embrace Christmas at work, while Londoners are the least likely.

Stephen Evans, owner of Christmas Tree World said: “It’s surprising to see the number of workplaces that won’t be embracing the festive season with music, parties or even a touch of tinsel. It’s understandable that in some places of work, decorating the office or wearing a Christmas jumper isn’t an option, but there are a number of ways to bring the festivities to the workplace without it being over the top.

“Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and has the ability to boost morale, so it’s good for bosses to spread some cheer in the place where we all spend most of our time.”

Are you a Scrooge?