Kieran Smith will discuss how he has innovated Boston College’s benefits strategy at Making Reward Personal


From a starting point of minimal experience and very little budget, Kieran Smith has been responsible for an HR revolution at Boston College: innovating their systems to reach out to all his colleagues and make them part of their reward and employee benefits through effective communications.

Joining the College in 2013 on a 2 year apprenticeship at the age of 20, Kieran brought his valuable skills in managing many computer programmes and website building to the HR team.

After being involved in the process of selecting Westfield as their health cash plan provider, he developed the internal marketing and website promoting the details of the cash plan, as well as creating innovative ways for staff to access aspects of their plan.

He also maintains the website for all the staff benefits to ensure that all employees are engaged with all they have on offer.

His proactivity and enthusiasm – and determination to innovate – led to Kieran being named this year’s VIBs Reward Champion of the Year.

Kieran is coming to Making Reward Personal to discuss how he has implemented this successful benefits strategy, despite being faced with cost cuts, to engage with the workforce and give them their ideal employee benefits.

He will focus on areas that he has made particular progress with in his role, including healthcare, apprenticeships, technology and communications: showing the Making Reward Personal audience that innovation can be done on even the smallest budget.

Making Reward Personal will take place on Thursday 9th July at Etc. Venues St Pauls. For the rest of the programme, and to register, CLICK HERE