New research found that supportive management, motivation and reward are critical for employee wellbeing at work.


A recent report found that 71% of UK employees feel positive about their workplace. According to Edenred-Ipsos Barometer, however, the remaining third is still significant.

UK employees have a generally positive attitude to work with over half (60%) enjoying coming to work in the morning, 70% stating their job is interesting and 64% saying it gives them a sense of personal fulfilment. Employers also seem to be helping with the work-life balance as 74% are satisfied with this.

The study found that strong, supportive management skills are essential in terms of motivating and incentivising employees. The report revealed that 94% of UK workers ranked ability to trust (96%) as the most important, followed by honesty and fairness (95%) and leadership (94%).

However, on the other hand, the “thirsty third” of the workforce feels negative about their wellbeing at work and 26% feel their employer is not promoting wellbeing at work enough. Additionally, 32% claim not to feel proud of their company, 30% want more support at the end of their career, whilst 32% expect better training and skills development.

On an international scale, Edenred-Ipsos Barometer also found that the results in the UK are similar to economies in Europe, Brazil, Chile and China. Yet in contrast, Japan and India felt the opposite.

Andy Philpott, sales and marketing director at Edenred said: “Whilst UK workers would appear to be relatively happy at work, organisations must not become complacent. The “thirsty third” can’t be ignored and efforts to improve wellbeing at work need to be increased in order to influence and convert this group.

“Incentives and Rewards play a crucial role in workers feeling motivated and positive about their jobs, their management and their companies. Employers need to recognise this in a bid to motivate and retain top talent.”