Flexibility the key to job searches in the new year, suggests Stuart Stone

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Research by Gumtree has revealed that the number of people looking to work from home has risen four-fold in the first week of 2017 as part of a massive 92% increase in job searches.

The UK’s largest classifieds site has revealed that during the first week of January the overall number of job searches rose by almost 14,500, with queries relating to the term ‘work from home’ surging by 420%. This equates to an increase of more than 6,500 searches compared to the last week of 2016.

This comes are part of a marked increase in the number of people looking for jobs that allow them to drop desk jobs and work independently; governing their own hours and place of work.

This research comes days before today's ‘Blue Monday’; the most depressing day of the year in-light of factors such as weather conditions, debt levels versus general length of time until January pay day, a post-Christmas slump, and the average time it takes for people to fail their New Year’s resolutions.

Gumtree found a huge early spike in searches for ‘tradesperson jobs’ with Queries for ‘bricklayers’ (136%), ‘steel fixers’ (208%), and ‘electricians’ (125%) increasing week on week. Overall there was a 266% increase in searches for tradesperson and labour listings.

These findings demonstrate that as the new year begins more people are considering moves away from a desk jobs and changes that would allow them to become their own boss, offering more scope for flexible hours and a focus on striking a healthier work-life balance.