• Over a third of UK employees pressured to work overtime

  • Employee Engagement: Q&A

  • Starbucks shutting down 8,000 US stores for racial sensitivity training

Latest digital issue | December 2017
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Young man in office with blowing electric fan picture id126065712

It’s getting hot in here: Five things employers need to know about hot weather and the workplace

2018-04-18T09:40:00+01:00By Kimberley Dondo

Summer is finally upon us and with temperatures set to rise, Peninsula Employment Law Director Alan Price advises employers on what they need to know about hot weather in the workplace

Anonymous computer hacker picture id655346108

Global hack attacks pose a threat for businesses

2018-04-17T12:02:00+01:00By Kimberley Dondo

Recent news has revealed that Russian hackers are targeting millions of devices for a potentially devastating cyber attack, and both the UK and US urging businesses and individuals to take precautions

Businessman using using face recognition outdoors picture id866481488

Exploring that digital space

2018-04-17T10:08:00+01:00By Kimberley Dondo

BT’s customer experience futurologist Dr Nicola Millard discusses with Kimberley Dondo how technology will shape the future of work and collaboration

  • Group of workers stretching while taking a break from work picture id878674888

    Keeping fit at work

    2018-04-16T15:01:00+01:00By Kimberley Dondo

    In honour of Diabetes Prevention Week, Kimberley Dondo finds out what employers can do to help with the prevention of type 2 diabetes

  • Close up woman doing finance with calculate expenses picture id644359440

    Financial Education in the workplace


    Jonathan Watts-Lay, director at WEALTH at work responds to key findings from Reward’s research and considers the best course of action HR teams can take to help employees struggling with finances

  • Note on laptop picture id543441592

    4.5 million workers likely to seek new jobs

    2018-04-13T12:09:00+01:00By Kimberley Dondo

    Many UK businesses could see an increase in employee turnover if retention initiatives aren’t put in place

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